Human Resources

Our group is led by a Board of Directors composed of Pharmacists, Doctors, Lawyers, and Economists with experience and outstanding careers in their profession.

The Board exerts its authority on all the component structures of VINIPHARMA, through the economic sector in close collaboration with the legal office

The total number of employees is 42, 28 of which have a university degree in Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry, Finance, Management, etc. Their responsibility and role in the company are defined according to their position within the structures of Vinipharma company.

Vinipharma is investing more and more in the personal development of its employee community, providing ongoing access to up-to-date information resources, ongoing on-the-job training, targeted high-level training seminars, the introduction of new products, updating with the new procedures and regulations, market trends. , and prospects, etc.

Considering that every single member of our employee community is important for the healthy functioning of the organization, we do incessantly promote teamwork, company/community spirit, mutual trust, respect, and understanding.