Our History

Vinipharma Medical Group is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the Albanian market with a history of over 25 years.

Vinipharma shpk, founded in Tirana, in February 1994 by D.Ph. Hervin Fora has historically pursued an effective business philosophy by increasing its capital and activity continuously and thus becoming one of the most serious pharmaceutical companies with a wide range of products and activities in the field of Health Care throughout the country.

Vinipharma Medical Group develops its activity in several areas of Health Care.

Vinipharma is mainly focused on the Import and Distribution of medicines, food supplements, dermo-cosmetic products, orthopedic and medical materials throughout the territory of Albania and Kosovo.

Also, our sister company, Euromed shpk, founded in 2006, offers electro-medical equipment, diagnostic and laboratory equipment, hospital materials, and DDD service.

These activities take place through these two separate companies, part of Vinipharma Medical Group.

Vinipharma also has as a registered trademark the brand called WECARE.AL was founded in 2017.

This brand is an Online service and provides door-to-door delivery of para-pharmaceutical products to every customer and patient in every part of the territory of Albania and Kosovo.

VINIPHARMA is a leading pharmaceutical company, in the health and beauty sector offering a wide range of products and services to customers working in close partnership with local and international partners.

Our three core business activities are:

–              Wholesale pharmaceutical distribution of drugs and OTC.

–              Medical Supplies and Medical Equipment Division; DDD Service and Medical Equipment maintenance.

–              Distribution division for Dermo-cosmetics products, Food Supplements, Herbal and Orthopedic Products